Compay Segundo - Caramba Señores Tour. I assume this was in 1998. It's a whose who of Cuban music celebrating his 90th birthday. Probably at Teatro Nacional.
Another archival concert. I don't remember when or where it was, but probably around 1996 or 1997 I'm guessing. Enjoy
Classic concert from Havana (yes, I was there). Bamboleo setting the stage on fire.
A classic from a very short lived band. PG (Poder Generacion). This was a band that was founded by "el tosco" Jose Luis Cortes. As far as I know, they did very few shows. If you happen to know the song titles, please let me know.
Another archive from DAT, sorry, no video, but a great lecture. This was from 1995 and recorded at La ENA in Havana Cuba. Enjoy this piece of Cuban music history.
This was a masters class seminar at La ENA in Havana Cuba. It features: Changuito - Percussion Carlos Del Puerto - Bass Pupy Pedroso - Piano
Another lost video from my house in Buena Vista, Havana. Probably recorded in 2002. It features a young Jiovanni Cofiño, and a young Yanel Yanes, both living in La Yuma (USA) now. Enjoy some fine Cuban Music.
This has been a terrible two weeks in the Latin music world with the deaths of Armando Peraza, Cheo Feliciano, Chuck Silverman, and Juan Formell.

I read an interesting article on interviewing Enid Rosales, one of the new wave of tres players in Cuba.

She talks about using the Cuban tres in areas beyond traditional Cuban son and popular music.

I just ran across a very interesting presentation on Tumba Francesa. It was given by Mirta Gomez at the beginning of the year for the Library of Congress. It was from the beginning of 2012 and I don't know how I missed it.

I have to say, I only know a little about Tumba Francesa and am glad to know more.